tsort = Topological SORT

cp = CoPy

rmdir:Remove Directory(删除目录)

ulimit = User’s LIMIT

udev = Userspace DEV

diff = DIFFerence

ECMA = European Computer ManufacturersAssociation

gawk = GNU AWK

pine = “Program for Internet News &Email” = “Pine is not Elm”

vim = Vi IMproved

cmp = compare

nl = Number of Lines

egrep = Extended GREP

su = Substitute User

bg = BackGround

fvwm = F*** Virtual Window Manager

apt = Advanced Packaging Tool

/proc = PROCesses

YaST = Yet Another Setup Tool

/sbin = Superuser BINaries

rm = ReMove

ed = editor

dc = Desk Calculator

gpg = GNU Privacy Guard

comm = common

tcsh = TENEX C shell

cal = CALendar

eval = EVALuate

mawk = Mike Brennan’s AWK

df = Disk Free

man: Manual
pwd:Print working directory
su:Swith user
cd:Change directory
ls:List files
ps:Process Status
mkdir:Make directory
rmdir:Remove directory
mkfs: Make file system
fsck:File system check
cat: Concatenate
uname: Unix name
df: Disk free
du: Disk usage
lsmod: List modules
mv: Move file
rm: Remove file
cp: Copy file
ln: Link files
fg: Foreground
bg: Background
chown: Change owner
chgrp: Change group
chmod: Change mode
umount: Unmount
dd: 本来应根据其功能描述“Convert an
tar:Tape archive
ldd:List dynamic dependencies
insmod:Install module
rmmod:Remove module
lsmod:List module
文件结尾的”rc”(如.bashrc、.xinitrc等):Resource configuration
.a(扩展名a):Archive,static library
.so(扩展名so):Shared object,dynamically linked library
.o(扩展名o):Object file,complied result of C/C++ source file
RPM:Red Hat package
dpkg:Debian package manager
apt:Advanced package tool(Debian或基于Debian的发行版中提供)

passwd = PASSWorD

wc = Word Count

biff = 作者HeidiStettner在U.C.Berkely养的一条狗,喜欢对邮递员汪汪叫。

cat = CATenate

su:switch user 切换用户
rpm:RedHat package
manager 红帽子打包管理器
pwd:print work directory 打印当前目录 显示出当前工作目录的绝对路径
ps: process status(进程状态,类似于windows的任务管理器)
ps -auxf 显示进程状态
df: disk
rpm: 即RedHat Package Management,是RedHat的发明之一

man = MANual pages

ar = archiver

VT = Video Terminal

du = Disk Usage

lisp = LISt Processing = Lots of IrritatingSuperfluous Parentheses

emacs = Editor MACroS

uniq = UNIQue

exec = EXECute

cd:Change Directory(改变目录)

chgrp = CHange GRouP

nohup = No HangUP

elm = ELectronic Mail

apache = “a patchy” server

wine = WINE Is Not an Emulator


pico = PIne’s message COmposition editor

ln = LiNk

PS = Prompt String

lpr = Line PRint

cobra = Common Object Request BrokerArchitecture

cups = Common Unix Printing System

nano = Nano’s ANOther editor

ex = EXtended

lsof = LiSt Open Files

xargs = eXtended ARGuments

pg = pager


tee = T (T形水管接口)

printf = PRINT Formatted

seq = SEQuence

sed = Stream EDitor

mc = Midnight Commander

Perl = “Pratical Extraction and Report Language” =”Pathologically
Eclectic Rubbish Lister”

cd = Change Directory

motd = Message of The Day

cvs = Current Version System

bin = BINaries

fgrep = Fixed GREP


Python 得名于电视剧Monty Python’s Flying Circus

rev = REVerse

stty = Set TTY

/etc = ETCetera

cpp = C Pre Processor

Tcl = Tool Command Language

tar = Tape ARchive

lex = LEXical analyser

tz = TimeZone

svn = SubVersioN

shar = SHell ARchive

chown = CHange OWNer

/var = VARiable ?

nm = names

yacc = yet another compiler compiler

elf = Extensible Linking Format

troff = Typesetter new ROFF

xrdb = X Resources DataBase

永利官网ylg客户端 1

rc = runcom = run command, rc还是plan9的shell

awk = “Aho Weiberger and Kernighan”三个作者的姓的第一个字母

ping = 拟声 又 = Packet InterNet Grouper

chmod = CHange MODe

ssl = Secure Sockets Layer

dd = Disk Dump

twm = Tom’s Window Manager

rpm = RPM Package Manager = RedHat PackageManager

MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

mknod = MaKe NODe

rxvt = ouR XVT

PHP = Personal Home Page Tools = PHP HypertextPreprocessor

terminfo = terminal information

xdm = X Display Manager

FIFO = First In, First Out

xmms = X Multimedia System

/dev = DEVices

bash = Bourne Again SHell

popd = POP Directory

mv = MoVe

termcap = terminal capability

bc = Basic (Better) Calculator

Tk = ToolKit

hal = Hardware Abstraction Layer

MySQL = My是最初作者女儿的名字,SQL = Structured QueryLanguage

pwd = Print Working Directory

su = Switch User

as = assembler

rn = Read News

wall = write all

rsh, rlogin, rvim中的r = Remote

fg = ForeGround

pushd = PUSH Directory

nroff = New ROFF

telnet = TEminaL over Network

lame = Lame Ain’t an MP3 Encoder

m4 = Macro processor Version 4

IFS = Internal Field Seperators

GRUB = GRand Unified Bootloader

xwd = X Window Dump

umask = User’s MASK

永利官网ylg客户端,cpio = CoPy In and Out

slrn = S-Lang rn

cat: concatenate连锁 cat
insmod: install module,载入模块
ln -s : link -soft 创建一个软链接,相当于创建一个快捷方式
mkdir:Make Directory(创建目录

dmesg = diagnostic message

ls = list



pty = pseudo tty

mozilla = MOsaic GodZILLa

/lib = LIBrary

ps = Processes Status

/tmp = TeMPorary

nawk = New AWK

od = Octal Dump

xlfd = X Logical Font Description


tex = τέχνη的缩写,希腊文art

pr = pre

vi = VIsual = Very Inconvenient

LILO = LInux LOader

fstab = FileSystem TABle

roff = RunOFF

groff = GNU troff

seamoneky = 我

joe = Joe’s Own Editor

tr = traslate

chsh = CHange SHell

ssh = Secure SHell

fsck = File System ChecK

tty = TeleTypewriter

daemon = Disk And Execution MONitor

fd = file descriptors

cron = Chronos 希腊文时间

fmt = format

/usr = Unix Shared Resources

mtab = Mount TABle

mkfs = MaKe FileSystem

ksh = Korn SHell

pirntcap = PRINTer CAPability

Fish = the Friendly Interactive SHell


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